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What is Mambosai

Hi! My name is Ethan, I'm 16 and live in Chicago. 
I am in high school and I spend all my spare time doing this. I'm having a great time growing my business! So come check out my stuff and see if you're interested, hit me up on Instagram @mambosai, or email me at and request an obstacle you think would be awesome!

When I was about 6 years old I fell down messing around with my knex. (Anyone remember those?) I fell straight on my face and ended up chipping my knuckle. I was really scared and we went straight to the hospital. When we finally got in, the nurse began to check me out. She began feeling my face to see if it was equal on both sides. She then asked me,"Same on both sides?" Which I immediately responded to by saying,"Mambosai?"(I misunderstood her). She replied with,"No, no, no. Is it the same on both sides?" I was so embarrassed and said shyly,"Yea." And that's where Mambosai came from!

Who Am I​

Mambosai Logo
Mambosai Logo
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